Enchanted Romance Dream Set: Beloved Curves Suspender

Gewone prys $63.42 USDVerkoopprys $45.00 USD

Color: Black
Size: XL
Gewone prys $63.42 USDVerkoopprys $45.00 USD

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Embrace the ethereal allure of the Enchanted Romance Dream Set: Beloved Curves Suspender Dreams 💖 Let enchantment and romance whisk you away as you adorn yourself in this tantalising ensemble. Crafted from a delicate blend of 60% polyester, 5% elastane/spandex, and 35% rayon, this set is the epitome of elegance and grace. Feel the gentle caress of the floaty dropped shoulder sleeves as they frame your silhouette with sophistication. 💖

This self-designed piece is tailored to embrace your curves in style, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit with its slight fabric elasticity. Designed for the graceful seasons of Spring and Summer, the knit fabric adds a touch of allure without weighing you down, weighing only 248g. The flirtatious suspender detailing adds a playful twist to the ensemble, inviting a sense of mystery and intrigue. 💃

Complete with a practical welt pocket, this set seamlessly marries functionality with ethereal charm. Step into this outfit and feel the confidence surge through you, embracing both style and sophistication effortlessly. Let the world be captivated by your elegance and grace as you flaunt the Beloved Curves Suspender Dreams Set. Surrender to its enchantment and allure, where dreams metamorphose into breathtaking reality. 🌟

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