Regal Splendour: Romina Art Deco Silver Mirror

Gewone prys $340.00 USD

Gewone prys $340.00 USD


- Indulge in opulent sophistication with the Romina Art Deco Antique Silver Wall Mirror by Baxton Studio, a masterpiece that exudes timeless grandeur and luxury, elevating your living space to new heights of lavish elegance.
- The intricate design of the beaded frame, featuring delicate beading and a rustic silver finish, adds a charming antique allure to the mirror, making it the perfect statement piece that complements both classic and contemporary decor styles effortlessly.
- Crafted from premium quality MDF wood and mirror materials, this mirror is not just a stunning decorative piece but also a durable and long-lasting addition to your home, providing a touch of decorative charm and a captivating focal point in any room, allowing you to create a sanctuary of luxury and style.

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