The Regal Gertie Ball Trio: A Masterpiece

Gewone prys $63.74 USD

Color: Multi
Gewone prys $63.74 USD


- Elevate your playtime to new heights of sophistication with The Original Gertie Ball Trio: Luxe Assorted Set by SMALL WORLD TOYS, a luxurious trio of exquisite Gertie Balls designed for those who appreciate opulence and refinement.
- Indulge in the grandeur of over 10 million units sold, each set gracing game sessions with a touch of elegance that only celestial blue, emerald green, regal purple, and delicate pink hues can provide, ensuring a playtime experience like no other.
- Crafted from high-quality plastic and boasting a unique, slightly-sticky surface for effortless throwing and catching, these 9-inch Gertie Balls are not merely toys but masterpieces of design and functionality, adding a luxurious charm to every game whilst promising a surprise assortment of vibrant colours that will captivate your senses.

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