TruWood Black Sandalwood Square Watch - Luxurious

Gewone prys $140.00 USD

Color: 100% Natural Black Sandalwood
Gewone prys $140.00 USD


- Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of the TruWood Ascent Square Watch, where ruggedness meets luxury seamlessly, offering a timepiece designed for the discerning adventurer looking to make a statement with their style.
- Crafted from exquisite black sandalwood, this watch boasts a design that exudes elegance and refinement, setting you apart from the crowd with its unique dark wood dial featuring a striking red seconds hand that commands attention and admiration.
- Delight in the luxurious comfort and style of the single-link wood band, perfectly complementing the 44mm case size and Japanese Quartz movement, ensuring that every glance at your wrist is a reminder of the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that define this exceptional timepiece by TruWood.

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