Whispers of Love Sheer Elegance Top

Gewone prys $30.00 USD

Color: Chestnut
Size: 1X
Gewone prys $30.00 USD


Indulge in the ethereal beauty of the Enchanted Whispers Sheer Elegance Top, where whispers of elegance and allure meet in a delicate dance of romance. Crafted from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, this enchanting piece drapes effortlessly over every curve, revealing a sheer yet opaque allure that captivates the senses.

🌬️ The gentle stretch of the fabric embraces your form, promising a comfortable fit that moves with you, allowing you to embrace your femininity with grace and sophistication. The row of dainty buttons is a promise of enchantment, inviting you to embark on a journey of subtle elegance.

✨ Machine wash cold, tumble dry low - simple care instructions for a piece that exudes a profound essence of romance. Imported from a realm of elegance, this top comes in three sizes, each a testament to inclusivity and beauty. In the language of measurements, the Enchanted Whispers Sheer Elegance Top speaks volumes:

- 1X: Bust 42.13 in, Shoulder 15.35 in, Sleeve Length 8.46 in, Top Length 24.61 in
- 2X: Bust 45.28 in, Shoulder 16.22 in, Sleeve Length 8.66 in, Top Length 25.20 in
- 3X: Bust 48.43 in, Shoulder 17.09 in, Sleeve Length 8.86 in, Top Length 25.79 in

Dive into a world where the breeze carries secrets, where sheer fabric meets buttons in a dance of romance, and where every stitch tells a tale of beauty. The Enchanted Whispers Sheer Elegance Top is not just a garment; it's an ode to femininity, an invitation to embrace your elegance, and a whisper of love to your wardrobe. Embrace the delicacy of sheer beauty and let your elegance shine through with every wear.

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