Dalia's Opulent Seamless Beige Pink Bikini

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Size: XL
Regular price $40.00 USD


Indulge in the epitome of opulence with Dalia's Opulent Seamless Beige Pink Bikini. Crafted for the discerning connoisseur of comfort and chic, the Penelope Seamless No VPL Beige Pink Bikini Panty by Dalia is your secret to seamless sophistication.

Banish those unwanted visible panty lines forever as you embrace a silhouette so impeccably smooth that it vanishes under any garment. Bask in the pure luxury of comfort – each wear feels like a warm embrace, a gentle reminder that elegance begins with the most intimate of details.

With full-back coverage that ensures you not only feel exquisite but look impeccably framed, this bikini panty is a celebration of femininity and grace. The blend of 68% Polyamide, 20% Polyester, 7% Cotton, and 5% Elastane offers a harmonious marriage of flexibility and support, caressing your curves with unrivalled finesse.

While the soft pastel Beige Pink hue exudes an aura of delicate allure, the breathable cotton crotch promises a day filled with freshness and ease. Elevate your lingerie ensemble to celestial heights by pairing this seamless masterpiece with the Sheer Underwire Bra – for a statement of style that is as functional as it is mesmerising.

Embrace every moment with the Penelope Seamless No VPL Beige Pink Bikini Panty and let the symphony of comfort, style, and confidence caress your very being – because true radiance always begins from within.

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