Dreamland Whispers V-Neck Night Dress 🦋

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Color: Vivid Cerise
Size: S
Regular price $50.16 USDSale price $40.00 USD

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Float into Dreamland wearing the Flutter into Dreamland V-Neck Night Dress 🦋 Embrace the magic of bedtime with this ethereal night dress that whispers tales of sweet slumbers and enchanting dreams ✨ With flutter sleeves that dance like fairy wings and a ruffle V-neckline adding a touch of whimsy, this dress brings a dose of charm to your evening routine 👗

Crafted from a blend of 97% polyester and 3% elastane, this night dress is as gentle on the skin as a bedtime lullaby 🌙 Its solid design and minimalist style create a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for drifting off into a land of pure imagination 🌌

Whether you opt for the serene Small size or the lavish Extra Large fit, each dimension is thoughtfully detailed for a perfect fit 📏 Remember to treat this delicate garment with love - hand wash it in cold water and keep it away from the tumble dryer to maintain its magical allure ✨

Let the Flutter into Dreamland V-Neck Night Dress be your charming companion on your journey to the land of nod - where dreams are the sweetest reality 💫

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