Enchanted Blue Mineral Wash Zip-up Hoodie 🌌

Regular price $45.00 USD

Color: Bluing
Size: 1X
Material: 50%Polyester+50%Cotton
Regular price $45.00 USD


Dive into a dreamy realm of celestial allure with the Stardust Embrace Blue Mineral Wash Hoodie. 🌌 Envelop yourself in the ethereal charm of this enchanting piece that whispers promises of serenity and sophistication. Crafted with the utmost care and a sprinkle of magic, this mineral washed hoodie is your ticket to unparalleled luxury and indulgence.

🌌 Let the premium blend of Polyester and Cotton caress your skin with its soft embrace, offering both comfort and style in one exquisite package. The romantic semi-crop length strikes the perfect balance, tantalising with just the right amount of allure. Slide into this cosy sanctuary and feel the plush fabric and thoughtful design cocooning you in sheer bliss.

🌌 The front zip-up design lends a playful touch, while the graceful V-neckline beckons with elegance. Adorned in a mesmerising shade of Blue, this hoodie embodies tranquillity and sophistication, as if a piece of the serene sky has been captured in fabric. The charming hoodie features a front pocket and a hood, ready to wrap you in warmth during chilly evenings or leisurely days out.

🌌 With its soothing solid colour pattern and delicate chain details, each wear is an encounter with enchantment. Embrace the whimsical magic of the Enchanted Blue Mineral Wash Zip-up Hoodie and elevate your daily ensembles with a touch of romance and sophistication. Every moment becomes a whispered promise of style and comfort, cradled within the exquisite folds of this remarkable garment. 🌙

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