Stoic Wool Stand Collar Coat: Timeless elegance.

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Color: Purplish blue navy
Size: M
Regular price $110.88 USDSale price $80.00 USD

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Step confidently into the brisk embrace of autumn and winter with the Stoic Wool Stand Collar Coat by Rugged Gent. Crafted with a blend of 30% polyester and 70% cotton, this coat embodies durability sewn seamlessly with sophistication. Its dropped shoulder sleeves and lapel collar embody rugged elegance, a symbol of the contemporary gentleman who values comfort alongside style. The heavyweight 707g fabric drapes effortlessly, ensuring a snug fit that moves with you. This mid-length casual coat, with its self-designed pattern and practical slant pockets, epitomises the fusion of simplicity and functionality - a true testament to timeless style.

With each wear, envelop yourself in the warmth of self-assurance that this coat exudes. Its lack of fabric elasticity speaks volumes about its sturdy build, promising years of steadfast companionship throughout the changing seasons. The meticulously woven fabric guarantees longevity, ensuring that this coat remains your go-to choice for years to come. From strolling the city streets to relaxed evenings with friends, the Rugged Gent's Wool Coat embraces versatility without compromising on style.

In the rich palette of autumn and winter hues, find your unique expression with this coat that effortlessly marries practicality with elegance. Embrace each moment as an opportunity to showcase your individual charm, knowing that the Stoic Wool Stand Collar Coat is there to elevate your style with unassuming finesse. Make a bold statement in simplicity – choose the Rugged Gent's Wool Stand Collar Coat and let every outing be a testament to your timeless sophistication.

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