Enchanted Blossoms Romance V-Neck Dress 🌹

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Color: Multicolor
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Indulge your romantic side with the Enchanted Blossoms V-Neck Belted Dress, a vision of ethereal beauty and grace. 🌸 Imagine strolling through a blooming garden, the soft fabric of this dress gently swaying with your every step. The delicate floral print dances across the fabric, whispering tales of enchanted gardens and secret rendezvous.

Feel the embrace of the belted waist, creating a flattering silhouette that accentuates your curves with a touch of elegance. The V-neckline adds a hint of allure, while the knee-length hemline skims your legs with a promise of romantic rendezvous. Short, regular sleeves frame your shoulders delicately, embodying a sense of timeless charm.

Crafted from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, this dress offers a slight stretch for comfort without compromising on style. The A-line hem shape adds a whimsical touch, befitting any romantic occasion that calls for a touch of poetry in motion. 🌹

Hand wash cold and let the dress air dry to maintain its pristine beauty. Imported with care, this dress is a piece of magic waiting to enhance your wardrobe. Choose from a range of sizes, each tailored to fit your unique beauty:

- 1XL: Front length 43.5 in, bust 43.7 in, waist 34.3-51 in, sleeve length 13.1 in
- 2XL: Front length 45.8 in, bust 46 in, waist 36.7-53 in, sleeve length 13.3 in
- 3XL: Front length 46.6 in, bust 48.4 in, waist 39-55 in, sleeve length 13.6 in
- 4XL: Front length 47.4 in, bust 50.7 in, waist 41.3-58 in, sleeve length 13.9 in

Embrace the romance of Enchanted Blossoms and let your beauty bloom like never before. ✨

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