Enchanted Blue Queen Lace Teddy: Evoke Romance.

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Regular price $40.00 USD


Experience the exquisite allure of the Seductive Blue Queen Lace Teddy by Vixen, tailored to tantalise and enchant in sizes 14-18.💙 Imagine the moment as you slip into this mesmerising piece, the intricate lace delicately caressing your curves, igniting a sense of mystery and romance. Made from a luxurious blend of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, this one-shoulder lace creation captivates hearts with its elegant Blue Queen shade, embodying sophistication and grace.💫 Embrace your natural beauty with a bust range of 42"-46" and hips sensually traced between 42"-49", creating a captivating silhouette that commands attention.💃 Let yourself be carried away to a realm of enchantment, where fantasies bloom under the moonlit sky.💖 With the Seductive Blue Queen Lace Teddy, elevate your intimate moments to new heights, igniting flames of passion and mystery. Channel your inner vixen, relishing in the sensual elegance of this alluring piece from Fantasy Lingerie.✨ Create unforgettable memories as you grace the room, exuding charm, allure, and an air of seduction.💙 Let the power and beauty of the Seductive Blue Queen Lace Teddy cast its spell, enhancing every romantic rendezvous with a touch of mystique and sophistication.✨

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