Crimson Red Hot Bra Luxe: Set Souls Ablaze.

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Size: 34C
Color: Red
Regular price $45.00 USD


Indulge in the allure of the Crimson Red Hot Bra Luxe by Stefi L, a tantalising piece that promises to set your soul ablaze. 🌹 Envelop yourself in the rich crimson hue of this semi-sheer full figure bra - a true ode to romance and sensuality.

Picture the delicate caress of the nude, unlined underwire cups, each detailed with exquisite floral embroidery, offering a fusion of seduction and comfort beyond compare. With every wear, feel the surge of empowerment coursing through you, radiating confidence as you revel in the sheer beauty that adorns you.

Crafted from a blend of poly, elastane, and cotton, this bra ensures a luxurious touch against your skin, pampering you with every moment. The adjustable shoulder straps provide a custom fit tailored to your unique curves, while the striking red hue boldly proclaims your style and sophistication.

Pair this enchanting piece with other treasures from the Stefi L Crimson Collection to complete a seductive ensemble that's sure to captivate. Whether preparing for a romantic evening or simply seeking to feel fabulous in your everyday attire, this bra serves as your gateway to radiance in red.

To maintain its lasting allure, handle with care - washing cold on a delicate cycle and line drying. With the SL2064 style, awaken your inner goddess and bask in the radiant glow of confidence and femininity. 🌟

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