Enchanted Night Lace PJ Set: Dream in Romance

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Color: Red
Size: 1X
Regular price $45.00 USD


Indulge in the spellbinding allure of the Enchanted Night Lace Pajama Set, where dreams intertwine with comfort in a symphony of extravagance. Imagine yourself enveloped in this marvellous two-piece wonder, comprising a delicate lace-trimmed v-neck camisole and matching lace-trimmed shorts, crafted to elevate your relaxation and charm your lounging hours.

🌙🌟 Let the air of confidence surround you as you slip into the refined scallop lace trim, enriched by the dainty Lace V panel featuring a satin bow detail that exudes a touch of fairy-tale allure. The blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex ensures a gentle caress on your skin, promising breathability and flexibility as you drift into slumber. Shine with carefreeness, even in your rest!

Product measurements narrate a tale of a flawless fit, with sizes ranging from 1X to 5X, ensuring every goddess embraces her silhouette effortlessly. The camisole, designed for bust sizes from 37 inches to 48 inches, harmonises flawlessly with the matching shorts, showcasing a hem width stretching from 49 inches to 60 inches. This set embodies a perfect marriage of style and comfort, inviting you to relax in its velvety embrace.

Embrace your bedtime rituals with a whimsical touch, knowing this delightful ensemble can be easily cared for—simply machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Imported to heighten your pleasure, the Enchanted Night Lace Pajama Set transcends ordinary sleepwear; it's a gateway to your own enchanted paradise of rejuvenation and tranquillity. Realise your dreams with this bewitching addition to your sleepwear collection. ✨🌙 Let the magic of the night unfold as you slip into this enchanting world of comfort and style.

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