Enchanting Lace Plunge Bra - Anabelle 💖

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Size: 32DD/E
Color: Biscuit
Regular price $50.00 USD


Indulge in nothing but sheer opulence with the Sheer Lace Plunge Underwire Bra Anabelle by Samanta Lingerie. Crafted from the most exquisite Italian lace, this piece is a true gem in the realm of luxury lingerie. Slide into its embrace and feel the delicate lace brush against your skin, whispering tales of elegance and sensuality.

Let this bra be your companion in moments of quiet seduction. The plunging cup design hints at allure, offering just the right amount of mystique for those times when a subtle neckline is all you need to captivate. Perfect for medium breasts, it provides a gentle lift and roundness that enhances your natural curves with grace, without unnecessary volume.

The plush shoulder straps cocoon you in comfort, embracing you like a warm hug. Snug and adjustable, they ensure a customised fit tailored to your unique curves, allowing you to wear this captivating piece from day into the sultry night without a care in the world.

This ethereal creation is a blend of Polyamide, Elastane, and Cotton, offering not only beauty but a soft, breathable feel against your skin. The divine Biscuit colour adds a touch of sophistication to your lingerie drawer, elevating your collection to lofty heights of elegance.

Elevate every moment with the Sheer Lace Plunge Underwire Bra Anabelle by Samanta Lingerie, a piece that sparks the perfect union of allure and comfort. Let it be a symbol of romance and luxury, a fixture in your intimates drawer that exudes nothing but refinement and sensuality. Embrace the beauty of this enchanting bra – a masterpiece that promises to elevate every facet of your being.

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