Goddess of Strength Leather Harness 🌙

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Regular price $55.00 USD


Unleash your inner goddess with the Aquarius Leather Goddess Harness by Male Power. 💫 Embrace your divine femininity as you don this exquisite piece from the Leather collection, a symbol of strength and sensuality intertwined.

Experience the allure of the crisscrossing chest harness, evoking a warrior princess aesthetic. The gladiator-inspired bendable shoulder shield adds a touch of fierce elegance to your ensemble. Adorned with decadent metal rings and studs, this harness exudes a captivating allure that mesmerises all who behold it.

Crafted from soft Nubuck Leather with a Polyurethane coating, this harness is a luxurious statement piece designed for the modern goddess. The adjustable buckled straps ensure a perfect fit, empowering you to embrace your unique beauty with confidence. The heavy metal rings, buckles, and studding add a rebellious edge to your look, while the Polyurethane coated split leather ensures durability and comfort.

Elevate your intimate moments or indulge your inner wild spirit with the Aquarius Leather Goddess Harness. One Size fits all, allowing every woman to embody the power and grace of the divine. Care for this exquisite piece by following the provided instructions: Do Not Wash, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry.

Unveil the magic within you with this stunning creation from Male Power. Let the Aquarius Leather Goddess Harness be your key to unlocking a realm of passion and empowerment like never before. Embrace your destiny and conquer the world with unrivalled grace and strength. ✨

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