Gossard Pink Leopard Luxe Sheer Boyshorts

Regular price $40.00 USD

Size: XL
Color: Pink Leopard Print
FIT GUIDE: This item runs large.: We recommend sizing down.
Regular price $40.00 USD


Indulge in the opulent allure of the Gossard Pink Leopard Luxe Sheer Boyshorts, a testament to uncompromising luxury and style. Step into a realm of untamed glamour with the iconic Glossies Pink Leopard design, a bold fusion of sophistication and wild spirit. Crafted with the finest fabric and cutting-edge shape technology, these sheer boyshorts offer a decadent combination of eye-catching allure and unparalleled comfort.

The sheer, smooth, and glossy fabric whispers against your skin, promising a sensation of sheer luxury with every move. The decorative waist elastic exudes elegance, enhancing the overall allure of these exquisite boyshorts. Lined with soft cotton for enduring wearability, they seamlessly blend style and comfort for the modern fashionista.

Embrace your inner wild side as you adorn yourself with the gold Gossard signature plate detail, a mark of distinction that sets you apart. Whether you seek to jazz up your intimate collection or bask in moments of self-indulgence, these boyshorts are a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Remember to size down for the perfect fit and revel in the confidence that comes with effortless glamour.

Unleash your inner wild side, adorn yourself with the unparalleled luxury of the Gossard Pink Leopard Luxe Sheer Boyshorts, and let your spirit roam free.

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