Luxurious Pumpkin Alpha Hydroxy Face Mask 🌟

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Size: 2 oz.
Regular price $29.00 USD


Indulge in the radiance of our Luxurious Pumpkin Alpha Hydroxy Face Mask:

- Embrace Radiant Skin: Enriched with a blend of Vitamin A, B, C, E, and Beta-carotene, this luxurious face mask soothes and softens dry patches, whilst reducing wrinkles and combatting signs of premature ageing. Let your skin bask in the nourishing glow of these powerhouse vitamins.

- Reveal Youthful Vitality: Formulated with Vitamin B to enhance circulation and regulate oil production, along with alpha hydroxy acid to refine skin texture, this face mask is your secret weapon in promoting skin cell regeneration. Watch as fine lines fade, wrinkles diminish, and your complexion is left bright and revitalised.

- Effortless Glow: Gently exfoliating, brightening, and tightening, this organic pumpkin face mask is your ticket to a bright and glowing skin tone. With each application, watch as your skin beams with renewed luminosity, restoring your natural radiance effortlessly.

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