N.O.W. Edition The Cedar Watch

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‚ÄĘ Sustainable green sandalwood: The N.O.W. Edition Cedar Watch is crafted from sustainable green sandalwood, making it an environmentally friendly choice. By using this renewable resource, the watch helps to reduce the demand for traditional wood sources and contributes to the preservation of forests.

‚ÄĘ Recycled natural wood and vegan materials: This watch is not only sustainable, but it also incorporates recycled natural wood and vegan materials in its construction. By utilizing recycled materials, the watch minimizes waste and supports the circular economy. Additionally, the use of vegan materials ensures that no animals were harmed in the production process, making it a cruelty-free option.

‚ÄĘ Eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping: The N.O.W. Edition Cedar Watch goes the extra mile to minimize its environmental impact. It comes packaged in eco-friendly materials, reducing the use of plastic and excess packaging. Furthermore, the brand is committed to carbon-neutral shipping, offsetting the carbon emissions generated during transportation. By choosing this watch, customers can feel good about their purchase knowing that it is delivered with minimal harm to the planet.

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