Soft Cotton Feathers: Luxury Fit for Kings 🛁

Regular price $807.56 USD

Regular price $807.56 USD


- Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with the Beautyrest Plume Luxury Cotton Feather Soft Towel Set, crafted from the finest 100% Cotton and offering a sumptuously soft touch that rivals that of cashmere, ensuring you are enveloped in opulence with every use.
- Each towel in this 6 piece set features a lavish 750gsm premium quality, elevating your bathroom experience to one of unparalleled elegance as you indulge in the oversized luxury of the bath towels, the plushness of the hand towels, and the refreshing feel of the washcloths.
- Experience enhanced odour control and long-lasting softness thanks to the innovative 3PLY zero twist construction, which not only delivers sustainable and eco-friendly benefits but also ensures that every touch is a caress of comfort and sophistication, making these towels a perfect synergy of luxury, sustainability, and wellness.

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