The Peruvian Gold-infused Scalloped Mirror: A Masterpiece

Regular price $1,071.00 USD

Regular price $1,071.00 USD


- Elevate your space with timeless elegance and opulence embodied in the Peruvian Gold-infused Scalloped Mirror from AFD's Santa Lucia Collection.
- This handcrafted masterpiece, measuring a grand 41 inches wide and 58 inches tall, showcases rich sienna, umber, and gold tones that exude sophistication and luxury, adding a touch of regal allure to any room.
- Delve into the rich history and tradition of Peruvian craftsmanship with this mirror, adorned with gold and silver leaf foils backing the intricate painting panels, creating a fusion of history, luxury, and unparalleled beauty that is truly beyond compare.

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