Timpa Alice Beige Bikini: Luxe Comfort-Chic Blend

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Regular price $40.00 USD


Indulge in the epitome of elegance and sophistication with the Timpa Alice Beige Bikini Panty. Crafted to perfection with a blend of opulence and comfort, this exquisite piece exudes luxury at every stitch.

🌟 Slip into a realm of sheer indulgence with the Timpa Alice Beige Bikini Panty. Delicately adorned with a luxurious lace front panel and intricate scalloped trim, each detail whispers of refined taste and timeless allure.

🌸 Designed as a low-rise bikini panty offering full back coverage, the Timpa Alice Panty seamlessly combines sophistication with practicality. The silky stretch microfibre back ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing you to move effortlessly with grace and ease throughout your day.

🎨 Encased in a timeless beige hue, this panty epitomises versatility and beauty in perfect harmony. Whether preparing for a special occasion or simply basking in a moment of self-care, the Timpa Alice Bikini Panty transforms any routine into a luxurious affair.

📏 Revel in the unparalleled comfort of the Timpa Alice Beige Bikini Panty as it caresses your skin with a sumptuous blend of 86% polyamide and 14% elastane. Delight in the softness of the cotton panty liner, offering an extra layer of comfort precisely where it is needed most.

Embrace luxurious confidence with the Timpa Alice Beige Bikini Panty. Remember, this style runs small, so ensure the perfect fit by choosing one size up. Consult the brand's size chart for precise measurements, and prepare to embrace the pinnacle of style and comfort with every wear.

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