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Regular price $160.00 USD


- Elevate your home gym with the epitome of luxury fitness: the vidaXL Ultimate Curl Bar Set. Crafted to perfection, this set exudes sophistication and functionality in equal measure, making it a statement piece in any workout space.
- Unleash your inner strength with the 11 lb curl bar that perfectly complements the weight plates, creating a harmonious total weight of 55.1 lb. The 47.2" long curl bar allows for a wide range of exercises, providing endless possibilities to tailor your workout to your precise needs.
- Embrace the ultimate in strength and durability with a total weight of 66.1 lb and a bar maximum load capacity of 264.6 lb. The star-shaped screw collars securely hold the weights in place, while the noise-reducing plastic casings ensure a seamless and uninterrupted training session, allowing you to focus solely on your workout in luxurious comfort.

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