Enchanted Rose Romance Blouse by Melo Apparel 🌹

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Color: Deep Red
Size: 1XL
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Indulge in the whisper of romance with the Enchanted Rose Frill V-Neck Blouse from Melo Apparel. 🌹 Let your heart sway to the enchanting grace of this blouse that brings a touch of delicate femininity to your wardrobe.

🌹 Step into a world where delicate stripes meet a frill neckline that dances with whispered secrets, drawing all eyes to the surplice detail that hints at a tale of romance waiting to unfold. The long length cascades gently, complemented by flowing sleeves that end in a charming flounce, creating a vision of elegance with every movement.

🌹 Crafted from 100% polyester, this blouse not only offers a luxurious feel but also a slight stretch for comfort, ensuring you feel as good as you look. Embrace the magic of caring for this piece - hand wash cold to preserve its allure, for this blouse is truly a treasure to be cherished.

🌹 Imported for your pleasure, this blouse is designed to fit every curve beautifully with sizes that cater to your unique shape. From the Length 27.3 in, Shoulder 16 in, Bust 46.8 in of the 1XL to the Length 29.6 in, Shoulder 17.7 in, Bust 53.8 in of the 4XL, there's a perfect fit waiting just for you.

🌹 Let the Melo Apparel Enchanted Rose Frill V-Neck Blouse be your trusted charmer, your stylish confidant, and your key to unrivalled allure. ✨ Embrace the romance, embrace the elegance - this blouse is your gateway to a world where every day is infused with a whisper of romance.

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