Teal Homeroom Hottie Costume: Reign in Style!

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Regular price $55.00 USD


Step into the world of ultimate sass and charm with the Teal Homeroom Hottie Costume from Exposed by Magic Silk! Reign over the school corridors like the enchanting queen that you are, commanding attention with every step. 🌟

Crafted for the modern-day royalty, this costume not only channels sophistication but also wraps you in the embrace of comfort fit for a queen. 🎀 Embrace your inner magical prowess as you don this mesmerising outfit, ready to rule any event with your charismatic aura and undeniable charm.

It's time to claim your throne, dear Homeroom Hottie, and leave a trail of admirers dazzled by your whimsical charisma. 👗👑 With this costume as your weapon, you are all set to conquer the kingdom of sass and steal the spotlight wherever you go. Are you ready to unleash your regal allure? It's your time to shine! 🌟

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